Dementia Caregiving Blog 8- Cruise to nowhere.

Having ‘walked’ with mum, in Dementia Caregiving, for more than two years now, since she had Dementia,  I’m beginning to realise that her state of mind is like a carousel or going on a ‘cruise to nowhere’.

At one instant, her mind may dwell on her childhood days in the 1930s and at times in the 50s or 70’s and sometimes on current affairs.

It dawned on me that it’s important to maintain her state of well being and happiness. In fact, I’m really thankful to God that mum still has her sense of humor, as she would occasionally engage us in it unwittingly.  Well, as the old adage goes, “Laughter is the best medicine”.

We also find it helpful by responding to her with our teasers and we’re glad she enjoyed it. It really doesn’t matter if we keep repeating those jokes or teasers that we find are tickling for her and the fact that she can’t remember the ‘repeats’ is truly a virtue in that sense— “Ignorance is bliss” indeed.

Come to think of it, journeying with dementia is not entirely a sad affair, although there are challenges in between, but on the positive side, there are light hearted moments that can be refreshing for caregivers.

So, on the optimistic point of view, both the care giver and recipient do need to adapt and learn to cope with ‘dementia lifestyle’, as I call it, in order to achieve a collaborative enhanced outcome.

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