Dementia Caregiving Blog 9- Visitation–Staying connected with mum helps!

Today, I just realised that, in Dementia Caregiving, it’s very important and crucial to visit mum, as much as we can, with the help of family members taking turns, so that each one does not wear out through that process. In that way, we can then establish a consistent visit almost everyday.

I believe the frequent and tightly connected visits that we’ve diligently carried out, since day one, has kept mum’s emotional and cognitive stability as she is pretty serene and cheerful when we visit her most of the time. Although some days she may  not be in a good mood but I really thank God that we rarely find her in that state.

That brings to my mind over the advise that the doctor gave, when mum was hospitalised initially, that we should always keep mum happy so that her dementia would not escalate quickly but under control in slowing down the aggravation of her dementia. Having said that, I must add on that the prescription of correct medication for the dementia does help tremendously.

Its been two years now, since mum stayed in the nursing home and by allowing mum and the other residents put on their ‘home clothes’, instead of uniforms, it benefited them with a sense of homeliness and not an institution.

Constant reminders and explanation in helping mum to clarify her thoughts does her good as we’ve learned to flow with what she’d be thinking at each point in time.

Interestingly, the one thing that’s still deeply etched in mum’s mind is when she always say her grace before each mealtime and never failed to say, “Thank You Jesus!” at the end of her prayer.

Indeed, I can only be thankful to God: “Thank You, Jesus!”

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