Dementia Caregiving Blog 10- Nursing Home Problems

Nursing home problems!

For the past fortnight, mum has encountered unnecessary issues in the nursing home. The elderly lady (let’s call her ‘Macy’), sleeping next to her bed has been ranting at the nurses frequently, and intermittently, mum told Macy to keep quiet, as she was making too much noise and it disturbed the peace there. And when mum does that, Macy diverted her attention and started ranting at mum instead, partly due to the misunderstanding over her clothes which mum mistook it for hers on one occasion.

We were really worried for mum and at a loss in finding a solution to Macy’s noisy ranting, which could go on for hours, and it was really unbearable for us as visitors, not to mention mum and the other elderly residents staying there. I can imagine how hard it would be for the others to sleep in peace. It makes me realise that Dementia Caregiving is not always ‘smooth sailing’.
We also understood that every elderly residents do have their own challenges, and therefore didn’t think it appropriate for us to confront Macy, so we decided to tolerate and pray for mum, Macy and the other elderly residents, while waiting for the Nursing Home staffs to find a solution to it.

But the nursing home protocols would take weeks in managing this problem and finding a solution, as all parties have to agree in a consensual adjustment if they need to move Macy to another bed place, to minimise the noisy distress and discomfort to the other elderly residents, apart from mum.

While waiting for the nursing home’s protocol processes, I prayed and asked God to grant us wisdom and peace upon my mum, Macy and other elderly residents and the nurses.
After a few days of ‘tolerance’, and waiting upon God, we managed to speak calmly and explained to Macy about keeping the peace in a shared common residential ground.

Amazingly, Macy understood our explanation and was able to restrain on her ranting, and finally, there was peace once again, although the nursing home’s protocol has yet to bring the matter to an amicable solution.

I can only say,
“Thank you Jesus, for answering our prayers!”


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