Dementia Caregiving Blog 1- My First Encounter With Dementia

Hi, my name is Daniel.

As this is my first blog post, let me start by thanking every visitors to my blog.

Please let me share my  journey briefly.

I am a care giver, in Dementia Caregiving, for my mum who is 90 years old. My wife, siblings and in-laws help along too.

My journey in getting acquainted with “Dementia” began, in 2013, when we first noticed my mother constantly tapping her fingers on the armchair where she sat.

An image of an elderly woman foretting if she took her medicine.

She was also beginning to frequently  forget if she had taken her regular health supplements as the days passed by.

The real journey began when mum was admitted to the hospital, after she had a fall in the bathroom, because her health gradually weakened due to a viral infection. The doctor confirmed that she had slight dementia when she was in the hospital. That’s when we finally came to terms that mum has dementia and needed care giving (either a maid or nursing care).

My family began to ‘brainstorm’ in finding the best means of care giving for mum. It was a tedious process that entailed open discussions, quarrels, corporate decision-making, fact findings and information, patience and prayers. But despite of all those challenges, eventually, we had everyone in my family agreeing that the only one objective and decision making must be for mum’s happiness and well-being.

We started by trying to employ a maid but it wasn’t meant to be, after interviewing a few prospects and having selected one, because the maid agency couldn’t get her work permit approved eventually.

Then we worked on the next option of finding a nursing home with the government’s subsidy (p.s. – understandably, the ‘means testing’ was tight, strict and thorough which was intended to prevent abuse of the government’s subsidy grant for eligible applicants).

Apart from the long administrative processes, we also had to put in extra effort to view the  nursing homes, from the selection list provided by the social welfare worker, in order to make a well-informed decision to make the right selection.

We are thankful to God that we finally found a nursing home that mum settled in gradually, without much difficulty, despite of the new lifestyle adjustments for her.

In short, mum’s admission to the nursing home has opened our eyes to a new perspective that to put your loved one in a nursing home, with good facilities, passionate and dedicated nursing staffs, isn’t a bad decision after all.

Some of you readers, from Singapore, may find ‘Five Useful Websites for Caregivers’ relevant and helpful for the search in enhancing your caregiving management:

Finally, I am sure readers have different encounters in coping with dementia, whether as a care giver or recipient.

Please feel free to comment or share your experiences.

Have a good day and cheers!

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